Ladies Mitten

By Gerda Stitt


Yarn: Tamm Rayito, Millor Trenzado, Tamm CanCun or any other sport weight.


Tension: 7


Pattern is written for left mitten.

Directions for right mitten are printed in parentheses where they differ from the left mitten.


Cast on 57 st for 1x1 rib.

Knit 60 (59) rows ribbing.

Transfer ribber st to main bed.


Increase 1 st on one side so that 29 st remain on either side of 0.

Knit 4 rows plain.


On left (right) side of of 0 manually scrap off st 1-4. Push empty needles to A-position.

Push remaining needles left (right) of 0 to E-position. Holdlever to H.

Knit 26 rows over right (left) half of knitting. Break yarn.


All needles to E-position.

Push carriage to left (right) without yarn in feeder.

RC to 000, holdlever is still on H.

Push needles on left (right) of 0 to D-pos.

Knit 26 rows over left half of knitting.

Knit to right (left).

Push needles left (right) of 0 to E-pos.

Push carriage to left (right).


E-wrap cast on over the 4 empty needles in center of knitting, pushing the needles to E-pos. as you wrap.


Push needles right (left) of 0 to D-pos.

Knit to right (left).

Hold lever to N.

RC 000 knit 34 rows over all stitches.

Carriage is on right (left).

Take all sts left (right) of 0 off onto stitchholder (or scrap yarn).


Shaping the tip of the mitten:

This is done just like you would shape a heel.

Hold lever to H.

On carriage side, push 1 needle to E-pos., knit 1 row.

Repeat until 13 st remain in B-pos.

Now, on opposite side of carriage, push 1 needle to D-pos. knit 1 row.

Repeat until all needles are back in B-pos.

Turn knitting with garter bar (or scrap off with waste yarn and rehang from reverse side).

Folding up the mitten, hang st from stitchholder onto same needles with other st.

Bind off with latch tool around gate pegs.



Hang 4 st from waste yarn on 4 center needles with purl side facing you.

Remove waste yarn.

Increase 1 st, both sides (full fashioned method). Knit 4 rows.

Repeat 6 times. Row counter reads 028, 18 st on needles).

At the beginning of next 2 rows e-wrap increase 2 st.

Knit 12 rows plain.


Double up st. Push empty needles to A-pos.

Tension 3, knit 4 rows.

Take off st with double eyed needle.

Sew up wedge seams, them thumb seam.

Sew up long side seam, weave in ends.


Consider this mitten a sample. You may have to adjust for the width or length of your hand.