Machine: Legare 60/30

Size: Lady's Medium

Yarn: Lionbrand Magic

  1. Use heel spring when doing the 3 rounds of cast on - I did this with the cyl dial at the 5th line from the top.
  2. Ribber set at the middle
  3. After the cast on, I knit 60 rows 1X1 rib
  4. Transfer ribber stitches to cylinder.
  5. 4th line from the top on the cylinder: Knit 16 rounds, knit the heel.
  6. Knit 60 rounds.
  7. Knit the toe....... change to scrap yarn & knit 6-8 rounds.
  8. Close the toe with kitchener (I take 2 stitches on both sides of the beginning and end to avoid the 'dog ears' )
  9. Run the end in at the beginning of the selvedge

Submitted by Judi Meissner/Knox, IN

Any additional questions: email me privately: jmeissner (at) hughes (dot) net