Man's sock for 84/42 cylinder CSM

Cast on with WY, EON on main cylinder and knit enough to hang weights. Put ribber needles in, ensuring latches are open.

Knit 1 full round in 1x1 rib, then disengage ribber and knit 4 full rounds without the ribber

Knit 50 rounds in 1x1 rib, ending with the yarn guide centre back.

Rearrange the knitting to 3 plain - 1 purl.

Knit 75 rounds of 3x1 rib for the ankle, ending with yarn guide at centre back.


Transfer the stitches from the front half of the ribber to the main cylinder. Knit 10 rounds, ending with yarn guide at centre front

Raise all of the needles in the back half fully upwards

Disengage ribber by raising tappet pin. Put the yarn in the heel take-up spring.

Knit half a turn to the right, stopping at centre back.

*Raise the last cylinder needle on the right, knit to the left.

Raise the last cylinder needle on the left, knit to the right.

Rep from * until you have only 12 or 13 needles left in work (you will have to adjust the weight continually here).

Push a needle down, and put the wool behind the needle, knit across.

Repeat the process, working back and forth, until you have half the needles back in work again.


Press the remaining "held" cylinder needles down, and re-engage the ribber. Take the yarn out of the take-up arm and take up the slack by hand

Knit about 40 rows for the foot


Work the toe in the same manner as for the heel. Then knit 4 good rows before changing to waste yarn.

Knti 20 rows WY before starting the second sock.

Dennis Wright.