I've put these here to enable people to make copies of punchcards, especially with the brisk trade in second hand machines that may be without punchcards. Some of the newer machines may well have different card sets - I'm working on those!

If you have sets for other makes of machine you're willing to photocopy for me, please get in touch on the e-mail address on the home page! Some of these are all in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) PDF format, which you will need to open them, some are zip files, and some are links to other websites.

Note: in most cases, 24st punchcards are transferable between Brother, Knitmaster and Toyota machines, with the exception of lace cards. Brother and Toyota use a two carriage system; Knitmaster and the Toyota 950 use a one carriage system, so the lace cards may not work for you.

Silver / Knitmaster
Silver Electronic