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Where the cylinder is given as XX/XX, the number after the slash indicates the required ribber dial where specified

A-G ¦ H-N ¦ O-T ¦ U-Z
Cylinder Size
10 minute socksPDF Not specified
3 wedge heelvideo N/A
3 wedge toevideo N/A
8 1/2 minute sockvideo 54
Adam's mitten pattern 60
Adult elf hat for the CSM Free Ravelry downloadPDF 72, 80
Adult tube sock on the CSM All
Allwear ladies' hosiery instructionsPDF 72, 80
Allwear standard hosieryPDF 72
Angel ornamentPDF Not specified
Angry Bird golf club coverFree Ravelry download Not specified
Argyle diamonds scarfPDF 54
Argyle notes for socks PDF All cylinders
Baby's bootiesPDF 72, 80
Baby bootie/sock recipe 84
Baby socksPDF 60
Ball ornamentsPDF Not specified
Basic Ribber Crew SocksPDF Not specified
Basketball stockingsPDF Not specified
Beaded cuff PDF 54
Behand's fingerless mitts Free Ravelry download 60, 72
BikiniPDF 60
Beaded bootie sockPDF 48
Beaded cuff for CSM sock Free Ravelry downloadPDF 54
Beaded valentine sock patternPDF Not specified
BearPDF Not specified
Beginner's Easy Basic Sock on the Legare 54, 72 54, 72
Beginner's Easy Basic Sock on the Auto Knitter 60
Blithe mittens Free Ravelry download 64
Breast cancer awareness ribbon PDF Not specified
BootiesPDF 54, 60
Bottle gift bag (D&B), plain version, ribbed versionPDF Not specified
Bonnet (CSM set up)PDF All cylinders
Brave bunny video 72
Cabled Coffee CozyPDF Not specified
Children's fancy sport hose with turn-down cuffPDF 80
Children's plain ribbed socksPDF 72, 80
Colorwork tips and designsPDF Not specified
Contrasting heels and toes, simple socks, ribbed socks PDF Not specified
Cowboy booties PDF Not specified
CSM armwarmers 64
CSK DK boot socks 60
CSM cast on sackvideo All cylinders
CSM Critter scarf PDF 54
CSM handwarmers Free Ravelry download Not specified
CSM hairband Free Ravelry download N/A
CSM lined fingerless cuffed mittens Free Ravelry download 60
CSM mittens 54, 60
CSM sock 60/30 #1 60
CSM sock 60/30 #2 60
CSM socklets 64
CSM sock knitting pattern (midcalf) Free Ravelry downloadPDF 72
CSM toe-up socks Free Ravelry downloadPDF 60, 64, 72, 80
CSM travel slippers 54
Diamond sock pattern PDF 72 but can be modified
"Dick" stocking cap 80
Dog sweater female PDF 60, 72
Dog sweater male PDF 60, 72
Doll clothes PDF Not specified
Double socks Free Ravelry download Not specified
Easy and Fast Sock with Fun Fur Cuff or similar type of yarn 54, 60
Elastic infant sock 60
ElephantPDF Not specified
Erlbacher free patternsPDF Not specified
Fairisle heart socksPDF Cyl divisble by 6
Felted mules Free Ravelry downloadPDF 60, 64
Fingerless glove - (RTF format) 84
Fingerless gloves, simple thumb / gusset thumb PDF Not specified
Fingerless gloves with thumb holePDF 48, 54, 60
Flip flop sock pattern Not specified
Fred's EZ sock patternpart 1, part 2, part 3video Not specified
Free pattern, sock on 72 cylinder machine 72
Frosty the Snowman water bottle coverPDF Not specified
Golf club coversPDF 60/30
Glove patternPDF 60
GlovesPDF 54
HandbagPDF 72, 80, 100
Headband for beginnersPDF 54, 60, 64, 72
Helix scarfPDF 60
Horse PDF Not specified
How to knit a hybrid fairisle sock using a knitting machine and a CSM All cylinders
I-cord selvedge socksPDF 54
Infant cardiganPDF 54
Infant socks 54 54
Infant socks 60 60
Intarsia instructions PDF Not specified
"Jane" stocking cap 60
Lace legwarmers PDF 60, 72
Lace socksPDF Not specified
Lady's HosieryPDF Not specified
Legwarmers PDF Not specified
Leprechaun water bottle cover PDF Not specified
Little knitted pumpkins All cylinders
Knee length heavy hose for sportsmen 60
Knitted fingerless mittens on a CSM 54
Men's half hose for dress 100
Men's socks in English 2ply yarn 96
Mittens patternPDF Not specified
Miniature socksPDF Not specified
Mini icord socks PDF Not specified
MittensPDF 54, 60
Mitt-oozie - mitten and cup holder (Ravelry pattern to buy) 72
Mock cable headbandPDF Not specified
Multi-colored sweaterPDF 60
Napkin ringsPDF Not specified
Neck warmerPDF All cylinders
Owl pattern (D&B) PDF Not specified
Patchwork quiltPDF All cylinders
Panties (for tights)PDF 60
Party socksPDF All cylinders
Patriotic socksPDF 60
Pattern for men's sock 84
Ponytail hat pattern PDF 72/72
Pot scrubber PDF 48
Prototype hats for sailors 42
Reba1 socks4 *NEW*Ravelry 64
Ribbed CSM sock for a 72 cylinder 72
Ribbed Sock on CSM part 1, part 2, part 3video Not specified
Ribbed sock pattern (cuff down) (D&B) PDF Not specified
Ruffle scarf PDF Not specified
Sandal socks PDF Not specified
Scarves PDF 72, 80
Set up bonnet D&B PDF Not specified
Setup bonnet on CSM (video) part 1, part 2 All cylinders
Sheep ornamentPDF Not specified
Shoe size converter charts N/A
Shortie or golf socks Not specified
Shortie Sock Pattern CSM Love (D&B)PDF Not specified
Shortrow heel pincushion All cylinders
Simple scarf D&B Not specified
Simple sock pattern (cuff down) D&B Not specified
Smitten mitten pattern PDF 60, 72
Snowman scarf PDF Not specified
Sock machine water bottle sling Not specified
Socks with heartPDF Not specified
SocktopusPDF Not specified
Spider mascot PDF Not specified
Stump socks for amputees 60
Susan's Sock Pattern (Toe up) (D&B)PDF Not specified
Susemi soap holder PDF All cylinders
Sweatshirt (small sock applique) PDF Not specified
Sweet sock (video) part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4,
part 5, part 6, part 7
Tall slouchy socks Free Ravelry download 64
Teddy bear suits for childPDF 72, 80
Tennis sock pattern 64
Thigh high stockings PDF 60, 72
Thingamajig (organiser) (RTF format) Not specified
Toboggan capPDF Not specified
Toe-up Simple Sock Pattern (D&B)PDF Not specified
Universal CSM bonnet *NEW*Ravelryvideo Not specified
Valentine lacePDF Not specified
Virtually no sew keyhole scarfPDF Not specified
Wine bottle cover (Jenny Deters) PDF 60, 72
Wine bottle cover (Kathy Roletter) PDF 72 but can be modified
Woman's leggingsPDF 72, 80
Woman's sweater size 32-34PDF 72, 80
WristletsPDF 72, 80
Yoga socksPDF Not specified

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